Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Daddy's Sneezing Up Fingernails? *OMG* Call Uri Gellar

Right. Imagine piss is running out your nose and you’re lactating through your tear ducts. You’ve had a CAT scan, and they’ve run you through so many tests that the whole ordeal has provided the set up for a rollicking good double awn-tawned with the lads down at the rugby club about how many narrow tunnels you’ve slid up.

Finally the consultant sits you down and tells you they can’t find anything and would you be willing to have your case looked at by a group of RV’ers (Remote Viewers). Well if the NHS is treating you the chances of this happening might not be as outlandish as you think and how would you explain that to the Carlsberg swilling humpbacks you frequent the company of; down at the rugby club.

Look here. And for an idea of what Remote Viewing is go here.


  1. Remote Viewing is NOT offered on the NHS, the reporter fabricated that as i did not say that, see my website statement.

    Andrew Usher

  2. Tightly written and intriguing piece Johnny. How preposterous that a reporter for The Telegraph thought she could get away with a lie in an area commonly thought of as preposterous! That said, I've always favoured interpreting psychic powers in much the same way as Alan Moore interprets magic. Word!

  3. i truly believe in remote viewing. try an online test for yourself. you might be suprised that you have powers beyond your wildest imaginings. i was........