Thursday, 25 June 2009

Here's Eazy

I am just off the phone with one of my sources from the intel’ community. At the minute I am transcribing our conversation, which I recorded, unbeknownst to him.

The most pertinent part of what he says follows:

I think it is entirely possible that NASA is going to provoke a war with this little stunt of crashing a bomb on the moon. The Vatican Jesuits went to go see the facilities that will protect humanity from the alien invasion.

Come September the shit is going to hit the fan.

…think the simple facts are technology wise we are probably ready for a full scale interplanetary war. We have fully developed this advanced technology to kill and now we need someone to use it on.

My intel’ pal and I went to the BB together. Even then he showed an aptitude for building things. One of the things he built was a subsonic weapon used to attack the sensitive aural faculties of dogs. He tested it on my dog first, at the time she was preggers, and caused her to have a miscarriage right on my ma’s good sofa. When ma burst in and found us she clipped me a good one round the ear and called the police on him after I dobbed him in to her. For a year he was put up in the Knockbracken Hills for disturbed and extremely bold boys. While he was inside he wrote me letters done in a snaky style, in Indian ink. For the first month or so he devised cleverer and crueller ways to get me when he got out – but none of these, he said, would be the actual way he’d do it. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to put that in a letter he said. Then for a few months I heard nothing from him. After 6 months he finally wrote and told me all was forgiven and he wanted me to help him out in an experiment. The experiment was to test his perceived powers of ‘Remote Viewing’. On a mutually agreed day and time I was to put 6 pictures on a table in my bedroom and take note of what the pictures were. Then he would send the results of his RV visions and I would match them up to what I actually had on my table. Suffice to say he got six out of six.

So he got out of the nick and to cut a long story short he was kidnapped 3 days after his 13th birthday and they didn’t find him till he was 18 and a half. He didn’t stay home long and left again to take up a post with MI6.

He calls me from time to time and last night he told me NASA were shooting some sort of 10tonne nuke at the moon and this was going to be disastrous as one very powerful race of EBE’s (extraterrestrial biological entities) have a base on the moon and to them (as with their terrestrial counterparts no doubt) this would be an overt act of war. EBE’s have a well-chronicled presence on the moon. Neil Armstrong is on record talking about observers watching him when he arrived on the lunar surface. There is also photographic evidence of a 3-mile high artificial tower on the backside of the moon.

So yes. War with ET.

Quickly, another fascinating titbit he provided me with is that Eazy E was well in with President George Bush the senior.

He didn’t have time to tell me how or for what reason as he had to skidaddle and write up a report, but it is my reckoning that pair had something to do with drugs moving from South America – sold in South Central with Eazy being the big mover and shaker – to fund the Contras that were fighting the reds south of the boarder.

An excellent book written about this is Dark Agenda by Gary Webb. Look it up.

Here's Eazy ---

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