Monday, 12 April 2010

Bosco The Anti-Christ

‘...No, if there’s some vestige of self-knowledge I’ve gained from these last few awful years its that I’m too great a coward to successfully masquerade as the anti-christ while REALLY intending to bring TRUE harmony to the world, all right under the nose of the Annunaki channelled through our NWO masters. I’m too much of a coward to do that.’

This was Bosco talking in Botanic Park. We’re sitting on a bench (cos I can’t get up if I lay out on the grass too long like the trendies (who’re really only hoping to get their bake on the tele in UTV Live’s light-hearted ‘Here’s The Summer Comin’’ non-report they do when it gets a bit warm)) and taking in the sun.

Through his investigations into the Scientologists he has come to realise they are but a facet of a terrible, genocidal, diabolical world autocracy that’s soon to emerge.

And as is Bosco’s way he feels he has to do something about it, like masquerade as the anti-christ, while being in reality one of the goodies.

‘But,’ I said to him, ‘what happens when the real anti-christ turns up then? He’ll kick your hippy ass. And the other side of the coin is what happens if you thwart his attack, rule the world in harmony for a year or two, and then Jesus, or (wouldn’t that be a turnip for the books) L.Ron Hubbard descends in a spaceship piloted by
John Travolta, and gets jealous of your achievements. ‘You might end up turning a good man bad through envy (in the case of Jesus anyway).’

Bosco said he’d go away and think about scaling back his plans. I advised guerrilla warfare.

PS:--- When you type in NWO it automatically rearranges the letters to NOW. New World Order NOW! That Microsoft – I knew Bill Gates was a bad’un...look down here where he says (from 2.20 onwards) how he wants to wipe out billions using his “new vaccines” all to stem the (fraudulent) dangers of CO2. Who said nerds were gentle softies at heart?


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