Thursday, 22 April 2010

Backstage Between Curtain Calls

Today’s Porn-a-Like is Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney is a terrible evil shitehawk who is renowned for his underhand dealings and his duplicitous and mercenary manoeuvrings on Capitol Hill. Some of this is demonstrated in this quote in which he makes reference to his presidency of the Council On Foreign Relations.

And in this testimony by Cathy O’Brien of how uncle ‘Dick’ raped her with a butcher knife.

Plus of course he was one of the principal architects in the illegal imperialistic war in Iraq that killed millions of, (what’s now apparent), was more or less passersby, intentionally, as highlighted this last couple of weeks by wikileaks among others.

But to you who might balk at the idea of Gordon Brown being a paedophile, or Tony Blair being a protector of nonces, (or even a paedophile himself), or even Boy Bush: The Mass Murderer, consider that the whole lot of them and many others too, a Garasene battalion with a very particular strain of treacherous venality exclusive to their nature alone, launched a war on known false pretences and produced this with the slings and arrows of their DU (Depleted Uranium) tipped munitions, as well as, day after day, continually aspiring to the numbers of Pol Pot or Hitler or Kissinger with their amorphous statistical tabulations totting up their murderous and satanic intent.

So here is Dick Cheney, today’s porn-a-like. He is here captured on a hidden DGSE surveillance tape preparing to strangle an unsuspecting teenage call girl, or what the DGSE called ‘tenderising the quarry’ in their field report.

Dick Cheney is a bestial sadist, specialising in the defacement of both the body and the soul. See here for the testimony of those he and his ilk have left in their wake:

Today I witnessed Mad Otis’s favourite pregnant Rottweiler waddle around the courtyard out the back with big foamy soap suds dripping out its hole.

I suspect Mad Otis has laced the its food with detergent or some other soap based product in order to induce a miscarriage in the dog, which is (as mentioned in previous post) Otis’s most long held, most ideal ‘spectacle I want to see before I die’ thing, he tells me.

As I have already witnessed a dog having a miscarriage I am in no hurry to see another one.

I think my ‘spectacle I want to see before I die’ would be both a spectacular miracle set against a gentle pastoral backdrop, AND, more specifically, the adepts’ occult revealing of esoteric secrets buried deep in the everyday and, just for me on my request, teased forth by complicated and musical rites chanted in breathy mantras (in the fog) that incrementally drew the veil back on the true nature of things. A glimpse backstage between curtain calls, so to speak.

At the sink earlier doing the washing up I heard a man out the back loudly say he was gonna ‘kick his head to a cinder’ him that poisoned his dog. I’d tell him it was Mad Otis but in the interests of self preservation I will not.

Judging by the dangerous looking transitory cast of characters that pass through his very well kept flat, I imagine Mad Otis would have reach outside his prison cell and beyond where he ever to be found out of dog poisoning and given a stretch inside. And there is no doubt, as I was the only one, I think, who he ever let into his dog miscarriage fantasy, that he would know who grassed him up and afterward devise a very suiting revenge in accordance with my betrayal of him.

And knowing Mad Otis this revenge would be horrible, but it would also be, more than its completion, it would smell absolutely un-Godly!

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