Monday, 20 July 2009

For Apocalypse Watchers: Choose Your Poison

There’s much to tickle your fancy out there this week.

First of all:

1. Death Of The Dollar.

‘America is dead come September’ is what some people who know stuff about the economy are saying. Lady Liberty cannot pay her debts and now all her children are going to go insane. There will be unfettered animalistic violence in the streets. Just listen to what the Rev. Manning has to say about what’s in the pipeline here:

2. Swine Flu Shell Game – It’s The Vaccine That’ll Do You

So the MSM (Mainstream Media) are telling us that possibly 1/3rd of Britain’s population will succumb to the swine flu and die. So take you vaccine shots, yes? NO! An Austrian journalist named Jane Burgermeister has brought a lawsuit against the UN, WHO, and the US Government. She claims that the worldwide rollout on the swine flu vaccine is actually a mass extermination programme. She’s going to have ‘em for attempting to commit mass murder. The fact the vaccine won’t be going though proper trials before your GP sticks you with it has made up my mind on the thing. They’ll have to tie me to a post and shoot me before I consent to have their deathneedle come within 10 feet of me. Here’s Jane talking about her agenda here:

3. WW3. Yes That Old Chestnut.

Israel says they are to bomb Iran. Iran says they will engulf the entire World in “brutal fire” rather than to ever “kneel down” before the “Zionists”.

Russia/China say that if Israel make strikes on Iran their response will be “World War”.

Israel have deployed warships across the Red Sea in what all on sundry are seeing as a serious preparation for strikes. Netanyahu tells Obama at the G8 that if the US won’t take care of Iran “we will”. And as a result Syria will come to the aide of Iran, as would Turkey. But as Turkey are a member of NATO, under this alliance the US and Europe would have to come to their aide against their allies the Israelis. It is all one big hullabaloo – to put it mildly. To coin a phrase from the great Maj. Smedley Butler, war is a racket after all. And as noted over at Politically Confused, the Rothschild’s will be bank rolling all parties, as they did in the American Civil War, WW1, WW2...

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