Monday, 29 June 2009

The Clones Of Liz Taylor

Been thinking about Michael Jackson the last coupla days. Not my proudest moment. I remember me and my sister, when we were kids, wishing he could come babysit us when the folks went out. We’d have needed a few bogrolls that night.

My intel’ boy was on again last night. We haven’t been in touch this close together in a while, but considering the MJ news he rang to tell me some interesting facts he’s learnt after digging around in the old MI6 archives.

Fact #1

· Michael was a eunuch. Daddy Joe Jackson had him castrated when he was a boy to maintain his falsetto high notes.

Fact #2

· Blanket, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II are all clones of Liz Taylor. Due to Fact #1 MJ couldn’t have any kids. If Debbie Rowe was their ma, and MJ started black then they would’ve been half-castes at any rate. ALSO as another side-note to Fact 1 intel boy (I’m gonna call him Rueben) told me that because of his castration he probably didn’t rape boys. Hmmm...

Fact #3

· It’s a good possibility he was murdered. By whom or for what reason Rueben didn’t know, but he was investigating.

I put a theory of my own to Rueben. I said that in thousands or millions of years to come when archaeologists dig up Neverland and unearth all the footage and the photos of MJ they are probably going to conclude he was some sort of supernatural deity on a par with Isis or Jesus. For he started as a black boy, metamorphosised into an asexual gaunt white freak, all the while maintaining an air of creepy infancy, and he had a little troupe of pre pubescent children follow him everywhere. Rueben said it was possible. He said all things were possible though rarely revealed in this strange world.

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