Monday, 27 September 2010

A Midnight Host, The Dismemberment Of Corpses

We spent the following afternoon, me and Kimba, separating out all the different parts of our babies. Kimba’s instructions were to stretch the limbs out a little and put the heads in the freezer.
- For what we’re going to do – said Kimba --
- May the Lord make us truly thankful, amen. – I said butting in.
She laughed and said – No! Fuckrag! For what I got planned this is what we need to get done, - she said stretching a limb out like a Mr Stretch.

We waited a couple of days till September 20th for the Autumn Equinox to come round.
- A date of great significance on the Luciferian Calendar, said Kimba, - a midnight host, the dismemberment of corpses...we cut off their hands, - she said.

That night that’s what I did. I cut off all 6 little hands from the 3 shrunken and wrinkly little corpses and put them all in a Jiffy bag.

We drove up into the country then, into the Knockbracken Hills to where Mistress lived in a “wee, cute Hansel & Gretel cottage, far away from anything,” as Kimba put it. Out front in her brown and overgrown lawn stood this big menacing and spideresque Weeping Tree.

- I’m gonna throw the babies’ arms and legs over the branches of that tree. And you throw the frozen babies’ heads through her front window. It’ll be like a bomb hit a butcher shop, Hawr Hawr Hawr, Danny – but before we do that we’re gonna ring the peelers about 10 minutes before hand. And on the drive home we listen to this tune (handing me a Bogdan Racynski cassette) while Mistress is getting her ass hauled to Hydebank!

We waited till it got dark and drove in silence out into the country. I killed the lights when we turned onto Mistress’s road and Kimba directed me down a lane, about 100 yards up from Mistress’s cottage. We snuck across the road then climbed over a fence into the field facing the cottage. All dressed in our blackest gear and with Boke the cat’s shit rubbed onto our face for camouflage. Kimba called the cops and told them she’d found baby parts hanging from the branches of a tree at Mistress’s address. Soon as she hung up she turned round quickly and I unzipped her backpack and took out all the baby parts. I have to say I felt like I were in a feminist A-Team TV show.

The big Weeping Tree was situated at the front of the garden and one long sturdy branch stretched over the narrow sad road like a footbridge in an Ewok Village. I took the babies heads then put the limbs back in her bag then I give her a footy onto the branch and she made her way across. Her tight, svelte bod’ shimmying along, serpentine.

She hang dropped into the garden and took the long stretched out 6 legs and 6 arms out of her backpack. She threw them over various random branches and they hung there swinging like Octopus tentacles.

She made her escape through a hole in the hedge that bordered Mistress’s garden and ran up toward the car. I pulled myself out of the tentacle daydream and ran across the road vaulting the front hedge hurdler style, 2 tiny baby heads in each hand and one in my mouth. I felt like a grenade totting Marine bounding toward an enemy lookout tower. Two heads went through the front window and the 3rd I threw to Mistress’s big Alsatian that jumped up and caught it like a old tennis ball.

I went through the same hole in the hedge Kimba did, scratching my face up and ripping my jumper and ran to the car. Kimba had it started already. We sped off tires screeching and Bogdan's beats pumping out the speakers as the high beams of two unmarked cop cars appeared on the brow of the hills behind us lighting up the tarmac like a tractor beam from a hovering UFO.


  1. Thanks for the words about the IRA man, most everywhere I see either praises them as heroes or calls them terrorists.

    I got to ask how do you reconcile in your mind, mutilating child corpses as acceptable, but deem unacceptable an IRA member who kills a British soldier who is occupying your home? Just wondering how you rationalized that one.

    Is there a post where you explain why you don't like "mistress" and why you have child corpses? Do they not have protection in Ireland?


  2. hey Dayton,

    on your first point (rationalising the mutilation of child corpses while condemning soldier killing terrorists) i'd refer you to any major western leader who has soldiers in combat in the middle east, who, while they condemn in the most dramatic and grave language members of al queda and the taliban for killing troops they have no trouble ordering sorties over afghan wedding parties and the general massacring of innocents (children among them). anyway, it is our understanding that as the trplets were still in utero when we killed them we cannot by done for infanticide - and what we did, at worst, was an illegal abortion. there are some states in america, i am led to believe, where 'partial birth abortion' is legal (of which b.clinton was an advocate) where they do something like bring the babies head out, stick a soft drink straw in its head and suck its brains out. we're not even that callous. we got em where they the noble western leaders raining bombs on skyward looking afghan children.

    Danny Pongo

    PS you can find out why i don't like mistress by finding her tag down the right hand side and clicking on it.

  3. Hey Danny,

    All leaders, not just western, realize and I accept, I believe, that civilians dying is inevitably going to happen in war. Like you said in your latest post about the tumor, to leaders the civilians, there is no attachment so they don't feel too bad for ordering airstrikes. War is hypocrisy itself most of the time, everyone thinks they are right. So I guess that is where your rationalization comes from. The IRA killings were bad, but your "killing" (to use your word) is good. Even though it can be argued that killing an occupier/oppressor of your country is much more justifiable then "killing" a fetus cause you made a mistake.

    Have you heard of the case of some US soldiers in Afghanistan who recently confessed to dismembering corpses for fun while over there?

  4. Hey Audie,

    I guess me and kimba acknowledged we made a mistake in conceiving our triplets, and so as a way to remedy our mistake we had to kill them. i'd say it is this one fact that makes me different from western leaders who, in the pursuit of their goals, which takes in civilian casualties, will never admit that the reason they are doing what they are doing is down to a massive mistake, that is 21st century imperialism.

    yeah, i heard about those guys in afghanistan. i heard that they wore necklaces made from afghans' fingers round there neck. if the 'nam movies i've seen are anything to go by though they did that over there too. nothing new under the sun i guess...

    Danny Pongo

  5. Hey man,

    Well you are absolutely right, the western leaders will never admit they're wrong about anything ever. But what if they did? What if the US president came on and said Iraq, afghanistan, the oil spill, the recession all was a mistake and all was our fault? I think anarchy would break out a lot would die don't you? So is the truth worth anarchy and probably millions of dead? I don't know.

    My point about the dismembering soldiers was that western leaders are decrying what they did and what they did is pretty similar to what you did. Dismember corpses for lolz. I personally feel really sorry for all the soldiers out there. I see these kids on the news, they're leaving behind jobs, women, money, lives, everything all to go to some harsh place cause somebody older who does not have to go convinced them otherwise. sad.