Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beat You RedWhiteBlue As The Flag Stick Your Head In A Bag Till You're Startin To Gag

So in regards the penultimate statement I made last night, in regards the ‘intel apparatus’ mentioned, I learn that unbeknownst to me Party Time has been having pow-wows with spidey wee fuckers in my place when I’ve gone out for the day.

These pow-wows were taken up with discussions planning the loose organization of some sort of network, whereby Party Time would import Crystal from London, and him and this wee band of vicious looking cunts I found sitting round in my living room yesterday afternoon would then distribute it around the place.

It has also transpired that Party Time has been using my phone to call his connections in London who would get stuff sorted that end.

I am in fucking full red alert tonight!!!!!!

Last night, speaking to mother on the phone about Coronation Street, we hear three distinct clicks, like a phone somewhere else in the house were being picked up, put down and picked up again. I just thank my lucky stars she attributed this to the telegraph lines being haunted by those souls who had passed while on the phone, but unfortunately for me I knew the terrible truth of it – the truth of it being it was much more likely to be: Intel/Police/Some other sophisticated gang (doubtful)

This trio collected from god-knows-where by Party Time are for sure the most dangerous looking and weird bunch I’ve ever encountered in this place.

They are Billiard, Slug, and Rhonaldo (not cos he’s Brazilian, but in reference to his prowess on the field of soccer).

Rhonaldo is the youngest at 16 and he sits looking at me his mouth opening and closing opening and closing like a sinister goldfish, he’s chewing his gum, then he blows a big bubble and pops it and Party Time takes the opportunity to break the ice and he tells me what’s happening.

Billiard like his name suggests his entirely in the shape of a Billiard ball. He is early 20’s by the looks of him and is very fat and he breathes heavily every time he shifts.

The last one Slug I have met before many moons ago (he was mentioned on this years ago). He is missing three fingers in total and he told me back then his molester uncle cut them off with pliers. I do remember though subsequently finding out the real story was he got em cut off in prison by bullies and was too ashamed to admit it.

So this was them. Party Time had not yet made up a name for his gang but I’m sure he will, knowing him. No doubt there’ll not be a wall in Belfast safe either with them adding their tag everywhere.

Last night I went out for a pint of milk and I spied a car with two dudes in civvies in it watching me. They’d this big long slender aerial sticking out the back, and the motor had new plates on it, too. I thought I was gonna drop dead from an anxiety fit.

Then last night I had a nightmare about that murderous looking wee cunt, Rhonaldo. His eyes stared into mine, but they’re like an empty TV screen and there’s nothing behind them but wires and cogs and this liquidy faecal matter driven by pistons and coursing through the valves of his mind.

I woke up in a state of panic and have remained that way for the rest of the day.

And I miss Boke the Cat, who, by letting me stroke him, was able to calm me down in times like this…

Here’s what Party Time’s trio would put you in mind of:


  1. The Sound Like The Boy Band From Hell.......

  2. hahaha! yes...very much so

  3. Just saying yo, my brother. You hang out with colorful people. Laugh.

  4. shitman, if these boys were a colour, it'd be a colour that'd make the eyes bleed on sight!

  5. what country is Belfast in? You know I do read your blog at least twice a week. I just don't comment. Truthfully you sorta scare me. LOL! Take no offence, I like being scared. Ireland? Is that where Belfast is?

    You scare me because your so aggresive in your writing. I think you might be a serial killer. Please don't be offended. Usually it turns out the people you think are serial killers aren't at all. Its the ones you'd never suspect.

    So there is Crystal Meth across the pond. Gledwood tells me there isn't much of it around London. Yet, he is a Heroin addict and probably never sought it out. Sorry Gleds recovering Heroin addict.

    So you say Kate, and Wills are related distantly. Where did you come about this information?

    Be carefull, just because your parinod doesn't mean there not after you.

  6. panic striken dreams fuck me up man! ha
    and to an answer to your question
    yes that is me in the pics
    and instagram is an iphone app where people share pics (pretty boring when described but uncontrollably addictive)

    p.s. i have no life

  7. Anna Grace - belfast is in n.ireland - which is a whole minefield of semantics and history and ignorance and misunderstanding when giving it a name but in all honesty it is really just a 90 mile long skidmark on the face of planet earth, and while it is scenic and pretty in places and the people are mostly eccentric-cute not eccentric-disturbing (though a disproportionate minority of them are, i'm in no doubt) but that people should get their knickers in such a twist over who owns it or what to call it is beyond any reasoning. i mean its entire size would fit in the corner of say wisconnsin.

    that's nice you like to come and read this. i fuckin love your's! that was good when you beat that bitch's head in with a phone in your last prison story - i know violence ain't right, but sometimes it is. you write physical stuff good, like i said earlier when you're describing sex and a good old raw fuck its leaping! love it!

    as for aggresive writing, i don't reckon i'm too aggressive in real life, not very...i like to exaust all avenues befor eturning a situation ino a fight or even an argument. sometimes though the situations we find ourselves in with the people that are in hose situations with us, it is just inevitable one of the two or both of those outcomes are gonna happen!

    yes the serial killers ARE the ones you'd least suspect. for example, do you know your last president, Bush the 2nd cold bloodedly murdered something like 17 people in one night in a house in brownsville, texas? yes! and there is proof, of sorts. go look up my bush links down the side and you'll find the links imbeded in the posts.

    Party Time tells me there's a big Crystal culture among the sri lankins in london. he goes over there from time to time smokes it and comes back. he very rarely brings any back. little bits at most to take the edge off when he goes home. i have not had a toke yet, nor do i want to. i feel once i started that shit (the way he describes it to me, and he goes on and on about it referring all the time to how hitler took it, like thats any recommendaion?!?!) if its as good as he makes out, in hte way it makes you feel i'd be never off it.

    as for that royal pair it was discreetly mentioned in the papers over here, they're cousins, distant cousins. man, i got thrown outta a bookies yesterday for asking if they did odds on terrorists attacking the whole thing, and if htey give out different odds on different organizations. but i hope they fucking do, and all hte fawning dickheads they got on the sky news tonight as well, blow em all to kingdom come! she's a sleeket bitch who has been i think placed under some sort of mk ultra like programming - and he is as useful as a paper shower curtain. he is dumb as dirt, and while he was v.sweet sixteen, handsome ways, he has now lost all his hair and his head is in the shape of a peanut. she, though, she's lovely. but now v.skinny. i thought once that if she appears on the money soon as queen it means you can have a wank over your money, yeah, vpretty...saying that by the time she's queen she be old and withered and have a resemblance to an old man's finger.

    that last thing you say...i know that, for defs! and i was gonna put that song up the other day to testify to that - territorial pissings - fucking love that!

  8. TASHA - nightmares are a major polluter of my aura!

    that was a cool as fuck photo shoot, that witchy one. especially liked the mirrored ones and the ones you'd the hood up...there's a real weird, dark atmosphere to them all

    from the looks of your all your farout cool photos it don't look like you got no life!