Thursday, 30 April 2009

joni and the pornstars (& a poem)

Was laid up today with a bad back brought about by a long bus ride I took from Glasgow to Stranraer, all cooped up at the back of the bus. It is a terrible thing, backache. But not as bad as the toothache described somewhere above. This backache, though. Like a headache, only in your arse.
So as I say, laid up in bed, givin’ the oul porno sites an airing. Haven’t been there in a while, but they’re a welcome addition to a slow, painful day – not as good as the real thing mind you...
The site in question ( for those who’re interested) had a peculiarly titled one on there – ‘Incest revenge fantasy. Boy rails his Mom for sending him to snooty medical school’ cried out for attention amidst the vast mosaic of thumbnails covering the screen. Wasn’t up to much as it turned out – she all wrinkly fake tits and too much rib – like a fire guard made flesh – and him – though with an enormous cock so large in body to cock ratio I think it might’ve been some type of donkey cock cast stuck on him – was all dead eyed tick-tock strokes never upping or downing tempo but staying at the same monotonous pace give me the feeling I was being hypnotized.
So I opened a new tab and went to YouTube and stuck on this

and watched the rest of the 15min vid with passive interest wondering if that really was his mom – then in my boredom imagined the song was the soundtrack to the vid – where Miss Fireguard ribs is so bored in her suburban noir nightmare she decides to have it off with her big cocked dead eyed son.
The strange realms one enters on his day off – when the only other source of entertainment is the paint speckled ceiling. There was always the Bible of course, the one ma give me as a house warming present – but only fruits and homophobes read it.
Here is a cracking poem. Would’ve just posted it here without going through the rigmarole of asking the fella’s permission, but as he comes across as a bit of a cunt and is by all accounts a bona fide hacker who’ll probably send me a virus I’ll give you the link instead...

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