Wednesday, 19 October 2011

you said it felt like when you learned to float

Mother went and fucken flipped out when she saw that the nails of my left hand, which were neatly clipped and uniform, compared to those of my right, which were gnarly - and beheld a yellowed jaundiced light when they were pointed sunward - did not match up...

My clippers snapped when I done my left hand and I ain't just got round to buying some more. - I simpered. - Well let mummy cut em for you...!!! - She went.
No I say! On guard! - I went in a tone reminiscent of noblemen proposing a duel.  

A Prayer
Daniel Pongo 
Please God let me die peacefully and not incrementally like the hospital serial dramas and the gov. sponsored health ads would have you believe. Let me not be stricken with a mild/severe stroke initially, to begin with, to end up losing all motor function culminating 6months later with a surgical repository attached to every orifice.

Please God let not pointless human gunge I expel internally collect in my lower recesses to darken my posterior - and all in a futile and disgusting bodily protestation spurred by one's material certitude. 
Please God let it be quick in my dreams while I lie prostate and coddled by the stasis of slumber.

Please God don't even let me jerk or spasm. Let my heart just stop and not flutter. Let me not kick out and awaken my partner; and if I sleep alone let not my vessel roll floorward to end up blocking the door.



  1. The wrestler Andre the Giant was seven feet tall. I believe he lay dead in a Parisian hotel room for several days before his body was discovered. I heard he missed a show and they were wondering where he was. I'm not sure this is true. I'd imagine a staff member would have discovered him when they went in to tidy the room. I'd like to have seen their face when they found him.

    Weightless Again is one of the best songs I have ever heard. We are all indians who have forgotten how to start a fire. They don't mention that kind of thing in the mainstream media though do they?

    Ah, I'm going back to bed.

  2. Fugger - and i'd like to see your face (assuming you don't know this surreal fact) when i tell you that as a youth Andre the Giant was great pals with Samuel Beckett... ...yes, Beckett used to play cards with Andre's father when he lived in France. When the young Andre, already over 6ft tall by the age of 12, was considered too big to fit on the school bus, Beckett offered to take him to school every day in his car.

    Unfortunately the surrealism of this pairing ended there. Andre, in later interviews, said that all they ever talked about was cricket.

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  4. Strangest pairing since Pablo Picasso and Ravishing Rick Rude. They used go out and pick up women together. They went around on a tandem.