Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My granny died last night. Which means I won't be able to have a wank till Friday at the latest. Reason being that I believe when a person dies they remain on this plane for a few days to pay a final visit to their loved ones before their spirit emigrates to the next place. And to be caught mid-wank by the spirit of my recently deceased granny would be an episode constantly revisited in years to come, usually while in the grip of some black downer.
Turns out I am 700bigones (this dirty laptop has no pound button) in the hole. I was supposed to receive 3/4s of it on Sunday by a wee cunt I have running for me in Comber, but he's bailed and cut off all communication. So now I got the frosted tipped creep above me in the food chain breathing down my neck for his end. Meaning I've cut off all communication with him, resulting in his mobile being turned off as well no doubt, dodging those above him, and on it goes.
My teeth have started playing up again. Right at the back. They start with this throbbing dull constant ache and moves up a gear after a couple of days like this. Today is usually about the time the pain becomes completely satanic. Last time it happened I couldn't sleep and I couldn't open my eyes. Inside my head all I saw was a black snow of dots against white like a Frank Miller winter scene. 72 hours like this, eating was out of the question as well. By the third day I made a jagged slouching crawl to the City for their tooth clinic. I was given some very strong type of codeine and a weeks course of anti-biotics. I didn't bother with the anti-biotics as you can't drink on them without boking, anyway the codeine sorted the pain after a day.
Things have taken a downturn as they always will - personally, do without fail - this time of year. I think I'll start on a Jimmy Stewart triple bill this morning. It's A Wonderful Life, Harvey and Winchester '73 - to keep things in perspective. But my life is going to change. I can feel it.

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  1. I think that when the ancestors pass on they become more understanding of human foibles so, even if your Granny does happen to see you wanking, she'll be cool with it.